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Make Your Own Wedding Rings


The designer and maker of Unearthen, Gia Bahm, offers a truly personal experience for people interested in designing and making their own wedding rings. This experience is perfect for those wanting to propose with a ring they’ve made themselves, a couple wanting to make their rings together, or someone getting married that would prefer to make their own ring or their partner’s ring.

No experience required!

In this private workshop Gia will teach and guide you through all of the skills and information needed to design and carve your own rings in wax. Once the design is carved in wax, Gia will cast, clean, polish, and add any stones or engraving to the rings, resulting in finished one of a kind rings made by the hands of the married to be.

Pricing is $600 for the workshop session plus the cost of the rings, which varies and can be discussed prior to the class session. Once you have clicked the button below and checked out, you’ll recieve an email with your order and Gia will contact you for an initial phone appointment. During your phone appointment, pricing will be established within your budget, any questions, thoughts and ideas can be discussed, and a date for the private session will be established to make the rings.

Available in sterling silver, and white, rose and yellow gold (14k and 18k).

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