Unearthen Episode #75


I made a custom engagement ring that really blew my mind this week. It was my client’s idea — a blend of the Bridge ring, the Luminoso ring, and the Lune ring. I feel so grateful to get to make things for people who are so creative and inspiring. This week’s playlist is a combination (a blend, you could say, in homage) of some amazing songs from two incredible music selectors: Kayla Cohen’s fall playlist, and the Uline Catalog, and a few songs I picked out too.

1. Goldberg - Hollywood

2. Chris Darrow - Move On Down The Line

3. Robert Palmer - Best Of Both Worlds

4. Syrinx - Hollywood Dream Trip

5. Jim Spencer - Wrap Myself Up In Your Love

6. Cops Ltd. - Lonely People

7. Keiran White - I May Be Wrong

8. Roy Harper - Goldfish

9. Circuit Rider - All Of It

10. The Egyptians - Love Me Right Now