Unearthen Episode #68


I held onto a stone for many years, saving it for the perfect moment. I finally made a ring with it! The stone is a Herkimer Petroleum Quartz. There’s a bit of water trapped inside the stone, and you can see the air bubble also trapped inside the water when you move the stone around. This week’s music is dedicated to this very special stone.

1. Love - Orange Skies

2. The Remains - But I Ain’t Got You

3. Pete Dello & Friends - It’s What You’ve Got

4. Paint - True Love (Is Hard To Find)

5. Complex - Lemon Pie Fair

6. Longdancer - Sweet Leaves

7. Jade & Pepper - I’ll Wait

8. Sweet Street - A Love Song

9. Jerry Jeff Walker - Dust On My Boots

10. OPO - Illusion & Reality