Unearthen Episode #65


I made a really beautiful custom garnet and 14k gold pendant for a friend of mine. By taking an old garnet from a ring of hers, having it re-cut, and hand making a bezel, I completely transformed the piece. She’s told me how this new version of a jewelry piece has changed her life and heart, and I can honestly see the change in her. So happy to have been instrument in making such a powerful jewelry piece!

1. Wand - Jennifer’s Gone

2. Kevin Ayers, Lady June & Ollie Halsall - Lay Lady Lay

3. The Everly Brothers - Lord Of The Manor

4. Aldous Harding - Treasure

5. Bill Fox - Appalachian Death Sigh

6. Tall Dwarfs - Nothing’s Going to Happen

7. J.J. Cale - If We Try

8. Stevie Wonder - Venus’ Flytrap And The Bug

9. Molly Sarle - Human

10. Sam Burton - I Am No Moon