Unearthen Episode #61


Since it’s the start of the year, I’m continuing a thing I did at the beginning of last year where I made 18 pieces for 2018. Over the next few weeks I’ll introduce 19 pieces for 2019. The first installment is a pair of earrings I’ve named Galaxi earrings, made with abalone and brass. Here’s some songs that inspired me.

1. George Jones - A Good Year For The Roses

2. The Lavender Flu - Demons In The Dusk

3. R. Stevie Moore - I Like To Stay Home

4. Smokey Robinson - Being With You

5. The Neville Brothers - Yellow Moon

6. Syreeta - Harmour Love

7. Tiny Tim - Tip Toe Through The Tulips

8. Josephine Foster - Child Of God

9. Jaye Bartell - Coming Around Again

10. Alan Hull - Blue Murder