Unearthen Episode #60


Garnet is my inspiration for this week. I made a one of a kind garnet and pearl ring that turned out looking more like an antique than anything else. Pearl is all about sincerity, and paired with garnet which is about the self, this ring is a powerful and beautiful combination for helping to express your truest you.

1. Stephen John Kalinich - America I Know You

2. George Harrison - Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)

3. George McCrae- Rock You Baby

4. Bob Welch - Sentimental Lady

5. John Michael Roch - Goodbye

6. Woo - Make Me Tea

7. Freida Mai, Woo - Ayla’s Legacy

8. The Everly Brothers - Devoted To You

9. Suni Paz - Sin Más Allá (Without Forevers)

10. Spike - You Can Do It