Unearthen Episode #33


Please welcome actress, musician, and charmer of my heart (and everyone else's I believe) Lola Kirke. She's my guest this week. I've seen Lola play several times, her original songs and also just with a guitar around a fire singing song after song of all of the favorites. It's impressive. Her inspiration this week is freezing cold weather. It's going to be a long beautiful winter, so here's some songs to carry you along.

1. The Gaylettes - That's How Strong My Love Is 

2. The Band - Theme From The Last Waltz (Concert Version) 

3. Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn - After The Fire Is Gone 

4. Joni Mitchell - People's Parties 

5. Ian Matthews - Seven Bridges Road (LP Version) 

6. Jim Ford - Love On My Brain 

7. Richie Havens - I Can't Make It Anymore 

8. Ginny Reilly - Wildman 

9. Vashti Bunyan - I Want To Be Alone 

10. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - May This Be Love