Unearthen Episode #06


My guest this week is store owner of Collection LA, Elizabeth Parks Kibbey. I have several pairs of jeans and pants from her store, and even though I consider myself very good at finding vintage clothes that fit me - I can never quite conquer the classic jean. Every time I go to Collection LA Elizabeth finds the perfect pair for me and it's truly magic. She has a talent for vintage that is a perfect, focused aesthetic. She has one of the largest and I would say for sure the best denim collection in LA, and other amazing vintage as well. She's been very active politically in the support of feminism, and I can't say enough good things about her. Go visit! Here's her playlist, her inspiration is women, and a simple desire to listen to women and recognize female artists. Couldn't agree more!

1. Joan Baez - Wagoners Lad 

2. Nina Simone - Sinner Man 

3. Patti Smith - Free Money 

4. Heart - Barracuda 

5. Pretenders - Message of Love 

6. Janet Jackson - Control 

7. Hole - Violet 

8. Missy Elliot feat. Da Brat - Sock it to Me 

9. Janelle Monae feat. Solange - Electric Lady 

10. Angel Deradoorian - Beautiful Woman