Unearthen Episode #03


Welcome to Episode #03. Ruth Asawa is this week's inspiration. She's an original California artist. Her work to me is so authentically intricate and easy at the same time. It's something you could look at and perhaps think - maybe I could have made that! But you can't, and you didn't, and she did.

1. Smog - I Was a Stranger

2. Paul McCartney - One of These Days

3. Chris Isaak - Back on Your Side

4. Bruce Springsteen - the Ties That Bind

5. John Lennon - One Day (At a Time)

6. The Cairo Gang - Shivers

7. Guided By Voices - As We Go Up, We Go Down

8. Diana Ross - My Old Piano

9. The Slits - Instant Hit

10. Sade - The Sweetest Taboo