Unearthen Episode #73


This week I’m working on custom projects. With that theme in my mind, here’s an example of a ring I redesigned. It was a mothers wedding ring that was given to the daughter, and we changed the band from a flat simple wide band to a wavy natural shaped band, and it turned out so beautifully. Here’s some songs I’ve been listening to as I work to redesign and create new custom pieces.

1. Would-Be-Goods - Cecil Beaton’s Scrapbook

2. Johnny Paycheck - Friend, Lover, Wife

3. Rupert Holmes - Town Square

4. Graham Cracker - It’s Gonna Work Out Fine

5. Lou Reed - The Day John Kennedy Died

6. Nils Frahm - Human Range

7. Kate Bush - This Woman’s Work

8. Destroyer - Sky’s Grey

9. Prefab Sprout - Bonny

10. Bill Anderson - Liars One, Believers Zero

11. Lola Kirke - Mama

12. The Frothy Pit - The Child

Unearthen Episode #72


I spent last week on a road trip and a visit to the Permanent Culture Project. During my travels I revisited an old playlist made for an Unearthen pop-up event by Kurt Vile. It was a nice end of summer driving soundtrack, so I decided to re-share with you.

1. Steely Dan - Only A Fool Would Say That

2. Gerry Rafferty - Right Down The Line

3. The Police - Walking On The Moon

4. JJ Cale - Anyway The Wind Blows

5. John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads

6. The Byrds - Truck Stop Girl

7. Flamin’ Groovies - Whiskey Woman

8. Cass McCombs - Dream Come True Girl

9. Farmer Dave - Feel Me Baby

10. Neil Young - Transformer Man

11. Randy Newman - Guity

12. Ween - Ocean Man

13. The Rolling Stones - 100 Years Ago

14. Beachwood Sparks - Sing Your Thoughts

15. Cypress Hill - I Wanna Get High

Unearthen Episode #71


I made a Dirae ring with a quartz manifestor crystal . This stone is helpful for those of you wanting to manifest something. Dreams, wishes, and goals; let this ring be that reminder. This week I’ve been listening to these songs.

1. Ty Segall - I Sing Them

2. Mike McGear - Simply Love You

3. Tom Petty - Square One

4. Mountain Man - Around And Around

5. Florist - Now

6. Carla dal Forno - So Much Better

7. Spirit - Like A Rolling Stone

8. Tom Petty - It’ll All Work Out

9. The Fifth Avenue - In Hollywood

10. Jim Shepard - Most Of The Time

Unearthen Episode #70


I made the daintiest ring I’ve ever made. To my surprise, you all loved it! It is so sweet and I’m so glad that even in it’s tininess, this ring’s beauty still comes across. These are some songs I’ve been listening to this week.

1. Sheer Agony - A Flight

2. Slapp Happy - Drum

3. Bill Fox - When I Blow

4. Dory Previn - Mythical Kings And Iguanas

5. This Mortal Coil - Kangaroo

6. The Chameleons - P.S. Goodbye

7. Lou Reed - Love Makes You Feel

8. Pascal Comelade - Fragments

9. Peter Geiger, Family of Percussion - Here Comes The Family

Unearthen Episode #69


I made a custom Astara ring with moonstones this week, and I’ve been listening to a lot of country music. I even found a Lou Reed song with a country vibe. Not all the songs are country on this playlist, but all songs I listened to while making this ring!

1. Art Lown - Deep Blue Sea

2. Anne Murray - Put Your Hand In The Hand

3. The Judds - Love Is Alive

4. Linda Ronstadt - My Blue Tears

5. Norma Tenega - Illusion

6. Leon Russell - Tight Rope

7. Juice Newton - Slip Away

8. The Pointer Sisters - Slow Hand

9. Lou Reed - Hot Hips

10. Bill Stone - Crystal Lover

Unearthen Episode #68


I held onto a stone for many years, saving it for the perfect moment. I finally made a ring with it! The stone is a Herkimer Petroleum Quartz. There’s a bit of water trapped inside the stone, and you can see the air bubble also trapped inside the water when you move the stone around. This week’s music is dedicated to this very special stone.

1. Love - Orange Skies

2. The Remains - But I Ain’t Got You

3. Pete Dello & Friends - It’s What You’ve Got

4. Paint - True Love (Is Hard To Find)

5. Complex - Lemon Pie Fair

6. Longdancer - Sweet Leaves

7. Jade & Pepper - I’ll Wait

8. Sweet Street - A Love Song

9. Jerry Jeff Walker - Dust On My Boots

10. OPO - Illusion & Reality

Unearthen Episode #67


There’s a bunch of new unisex pieces! You can see them all here.

1. Doug Firebaugh - Only A Dancer’s Dream

2. Michelle Phillips - One Of The Aching Kind

3. Sam Buck - Borderline

4. Orville Peck - Big Sky

5. Dougie Poole - Less Young But As Dumb

6. Jeff Cowell - Momma

7. Sandy Harless - California Bound

8. Mistress Mary - And I Didn’t Want To

9. Kenny Knight - One Down

10. Jerry Jeff Walker - About Her Eyes

11. Bill Jerpe - Another Day Goes Down

Unearthen Episode #66


I made a custom ring in 18k gold by hand carving it in wax. The image is a man holding a key and a sword, from another time and land. I love the feeling I get looking at it, and happy for the person who gets to wear this icon all the time. You can see all the custom pieces here.

1. Jenõ Jandó play Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight

2. Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon

3. Cory Hanson - Flu Moon

4. Thin Lizzy - Dancing In The Moonlight

5. Canned Heat - Poor Moon

6. Whitney - Red Moon

7. Mac Demarco - Skyless Moon

8. Cat Stevens - Moonshadow

9. Jessica Pratt - Moon Dude

10. Steve Gunn - New Moon

10. The Rolling Stones - Moonlight Mile

Unearthen Episode #65


I made a really beautiful custom garnet and 14k gold pendant for a friend of mine. By taking an old garnet from a ring of hers, having it re-cut, and hand making a bezel, I completely transformed the piece. She’s told me how this new version of a jewelry piece has changed her life and heart, and I can honestly see the change in her. So happy to have been instrument in making such a powerful jewelry piece!

1. Wand - Jennifer’s Gone

2. Kevin Ayers, Lady June & Ollie Halsall - Lay Lady Lay

3. The Everly Brothers - Lord Of The Manor

4. Aldous Harding - Treasure

5. Bill Fox - Appalachian Death Sigh

6. Tall Dwarfs - Nothing’s Going to Happen

7. J.J. Cale - If We Try

8. Stevie Wonder - Venus’ Flytrap And The Bug

9. Molly Sarle - Human

10. Sam Burton - I Am No Moon

Unearthen Episode #64


I’m inspired by pearls yet again, and the jewelry piece this week is a double take on a style from a few months ago, double pearl earrings. You can see the double pearl earrings here.

1. Fleetwood Mac - Sentimental Lady

2. Alex Chilton - Happy Song

3. Haircut 100 - Fantastic Day

4. Christopher Cross - All Right

5. Fruit Bats - Flamingo

6. The Monkees - Me & Magdalena

7. Joni Mitchell - Coyote

8. Aldous Harding - The Barrel

9. Bill Callahan - Eid Ma Clack Shaw

10. Television - Carried Away

Unearthen Episode #63


This weeks episode has 9 different covers of the same song - Suzanne by Leonard Cohen. While the original Leonard Cohen version is incomparable, here’s some really beautiful interpretations. I also made the first Unearthen pearl necklace this week, you can view it here.

1. Leonard Cohen - Suzanne

2. Fairport Convention - Suzanne

3. Bridget St John - Suzanne

4. Gary McFarland - Suzanne

5. Françoise Hardy - Suzanne

6. Neil Diamond - Suzanne

7. Ian McCulloch - Suzanne

8. Pearls Before Swine - Suzanne

9. Fabrizio De André - Suzanne

10. Nina Simone - Suzanne (Alternate Version)

Unearthen Episode #62


I’m inspired by a number of things from the last week - a new opal ring, The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, and on the musical side, the flute.

1. Rita Lee - Doce Vampiro

2. Jessica Pratt - Fare Thee Well

3. Dorothy Ashby - Moonlight In Vermont

4. Curtis Mayfield - The Makings Of You

5. Colin Steele - Recurring Dream

6. Tom Petty - Don’t Fade On Me

7. Buck Meek - Joe By The Book

8. Chris Cohen - Edit Out

9. Berdon Kirksæther - Underlying Currents

10. Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Color Of Anyhow

Unearthen Episode #61


Since it’s the start of the year, I’m continuing a thing I did at the beginning of last year where I made 18 pieces for 2018. Over the next few weeks I’ll introduce 19 pieces for 2019. The first installment is a pair of earrings I’ve named Galaxi earrings, made with abalone and brass. Here’s some songs that inspired me.

1. George Jones - A Good Year For The Roses

2. The Lavender Flu - Demons In The Dusk

3. R. Stevie Moore - I Like To Stay Home

4. Smokey Robinson - Being With You

5. The Neville Brothers - Yellow Moon

6. Syreeta - Harmour Love

7. Tiny Tim - Tip Toe Through The Tulips

8. Josephine Foster - Child Of God

9. Jaye Bartell - Coming Around Again

10. Alan Hull - Blue Murder

Unearthen Episode #60


Garnet is my inspiration for this week. I made a one of a kind garnet and pearl ring that turned out looking more like an antique than anything else. Pearl is all about sincerity, and paired with garnet which is about the self, this ring is a powerful and beautiful combination for helping to express your truest you.

1. Stephen John Kalinich - America I Know You

2. George Harrison - Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)

3. George McCrae- Rock You Baby

4. Bob Welch - Sentimental Lady

5. John Michael Roch - Goodbye

6. Woo - Make Me Tea

7. Freida Mai, Woo - Ayla’s Legacy

8. The Everly Brothers - Devoted To You

9. Suni Paz - Sin Más Allá (Without Forevers)

10. Spike - You Can Do It

Unearthen Episode #59


This weeks inspiration: One of a kind custom cut quartz with hidden pearl ring. Quartz and pearl together soothe and inspire!

1. Joni Mitchell - Lucky

2. Wings - Love Is Strange

3. China Crisis- Black Man Ray

4. Family Fodder - Mountains Of Your Moon

5. The Raincoats - In Love

6. Paul Williams - Nilsson Sings Newman

7. Allen Toussaint - Victims Of The Darkness

8. John Cale - Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend

9. Nico - Afraid

Unearthen Episode #58


I love my dog. Her name is Lucy. Here’s some songs about “Lucy”. When I’m listening I image her in all of these different lives and personas. Depending on the song, I chuckle, shed a little tear, and have my heart warmed for all the songs of love about a Lucy.

1. Lucy - Version #2 - Nick Cave, Shane MacGowan

2. Marianne Faithfull - The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan

3. Al Stewart- Almost Lucy

4. Shocking Blue - Lucy Brown Is Back In Town

5. Grateful Dead - Loose Lucy

6. Bonny Doon - Lucy

7. Harry Belafonte - Lucy’s Door

8. Holy Modal Rounders - Sweet Lucy

9. Cian Nugent - Lucy

10. Scout Niblett - Lucy Lucifer

11. Dog Therapy Society - Lucy The Queen

Unearthen Episode #57

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 12.34.22 PM.png

I started working with shells this week, and they are so different! It’s been such a great new experience. I made earrings, you can check them out here. Since shells are from the ocean, they remind us of the power and beauty in nature. There is a delicate balance that we all need to treat with awareness and kindness.

1. Bee Gees - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

2. Sean Nicholas Savage - Abracadabra

3. Arlo Guthrie- City Of New Orleans

4. Jackson Browne - Fountain Of Sorrow

5. Les Rallizes Dénudés - White Awakenning Version 2

6. Hot Tuna - I See The Light

7. Mick Ronson - Only After Dark

8. Stevie Wonder - Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away

9. Ted Lucas - Baby Where You Are

10. Patti Smith - The Jackson Song

11. Céline Dion - All By Myself

Unearthen Episode #56


I may have made my favorite thing ever this week - a one of a kind cuff with pyrite. Pyrite helps to recall fond memories, and can assist one in reaching impeccability.

1. Gerry Rafferty - Mr. Universe

2. Rickie Lee Jones - Young Blood

3. Paul McCartney, Wings - Mamunia

4. Michael Franks - Monkey See-Monkey Do

5. Ned Collette - Blame

6. Fraser & DeBolt - Waltz Of The Tennis Players

7. Roberta Flack - I Told Jesus

8. Night Shop - My Love

9. Parting Lines - Climb

10. Sinéad O’Connor - Last Day Of Our Acquaintance

Unearthen Episode #55


This week is inspired by the new pearl earrings. Pearl symbolizes faith and purity, bringing truth to situations and loyalty to causes.

1. Gurdjieff / de Hartmann - The Struggle Of The Magicians Part Three

2. Dennis Coffey - Moon Star

3. The Fleetwoods - Outside My Window

4. Ricky Nelson - She Belongs To Me

5. Haircutt 100 - Lemon Firebrigade

6. Confusing Mix Of Nations - Celluloid

7. Amadou & Mariam - Sabali

8. Free - Mouthful Of Grass

9. Acetone - Return From The Ice

10. Adrianne Lenker, Buck Meek - Jonathan

11. Cornelia Murr - Who Am I To Tell You (Demo Version)

12. Mac Demarco - Honey Moon

Unearthen Episode #54

Messages Image(280476950).png

A beautiful custom Chant ring with diamonds and 14k white gold is the inspiration this week. I love so much to make custom pieces, and I'm forever grateful for special people like you.

1. Eric Burdon & The Animals - Ring Of Fire

2. Steve Miller Band - Motherless Children

3. Mario Viñuela - Pienso, Luego Existes

4. Ludovico Einaudi - Dietro Casa

5. Luc Beauséjour - Concerto In D Minor, BWV 974

6. M Ward - There's A Key

7. Patsy Cline - You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)

8. Perry Como - It's Impossible

9. Hurray For The Riff Raff - Pa'lante

10. Alexandra Stréliski - Changing Winds

11. Sylvan Esso - Come Down