Unearthen Episode #16


My lovely guest this week is Scott Hirsch. He's a long time musician, producer, audio engineer, and sound designer for film. Following many years of recording and touring with Hiss Golden Messenger, The Court and Spark, and Family Band, he released his first solo record recently. He lives in Ojai, CA where he operates his music recording and post production studio Echo Magic West. Check it out here ! He also has a tour coming up so look for him in your town. His inspiration for the playlist is just full on summer good times music, with a little bittersweet mixed in to taste.

1. Unicorn - Blue Pine Trees 

2. Bobby Charles - Save Me Jesus 

3. Curtis Mayfield - We're a Winner (Live) 

4. Ry Cooder - Yellow Roses  

5. Pops Staples - Friendship  

6. NRBQ - Magnet 

7. Ann Peebles - You Got to Feed the Fire 

8. Nick Lowe - I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass 

9. Gerry Rafferty  - Right Down the Line 

10. Randy Newman - Rollin'

Unearthen Episode #15


My inspiration this week is The Brand Library. I went there this week after a friend told me about it (thanks Jessie) and it blew my mind. It's a museum devoted purely to music and art, and not only do they have an amazing library, the building and property are so beautiful with the mountains as the backdrop. Highly suggest you visit if you're in the Los Angeles area.

1. The Lemon Twigs - White Flag 

2. Ronnie D'Addario - Nice Meeting You - Again 

3. The Lemon Twigs - How Lucky Am I? 

4. NRBQ - Only You  

5. Norma Tanega - A Street That Rhymes At 6am  

6. Phil Cordell - Lying Down the River 

7. Syrinx - Better Deaf and Dumb From the First 

8. Michael Rother - Flammende Herzen 

9. Robert Wyatt  - Heaps of Sheeps 

10. Phil Cordell - I Will Return

Unearthen Episode #14


My guest this week is a total trail blazer babe - DJ Nelleke aka Nelleke McCowan. She's always been an avid collector of records and huge music lover. When she moved to NY by some lucky miracle for us all she began djing. I had a very small part in the beginning when I would regularly coerce her into djing while I worked at a bar called Daddy's in Williamsburg, which was how she realized she could make djing her job. She has nights at The Wythe Hotel, The Boom Boom Room at The Standard, a radio show on Know Wave ( know-wave.com ), and for a while a regular night with Q-Tip at the Ace amongst various others too many to name. This mix is quite different than all of the episodes thus far, and I imagine putting it on while having a pool party (in your mind or in reality)! Her inspiration is Silencio - as in no talking, no vocals, instrumental songs only.

1. Angelo Badalamenti - Love Theme (From Mulholland Drive) 

2. Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest 

3. France Joli - Gonna Get Over You 

4. Chaz Jankel - To Woo Lady Kong  

5. Jubilee - Opa-locka  

6. Powerline - Double Journey 

7. Guit & Dubshape - Every Cow Has a Bird 

8. Captain Planet - Cicada 

9. Delerium  - Silence 

10. Black Sabbath - Laguna Sunrise

Unearthen Episode #13


My guest this week is the beautiful and multi-talented Claire Hummel. Here are her words: Songs for everything...songs that change your life & your mind. I have had a jewelry & basically random Jill of all trades company for 15 years. Repairing everything from chandeliers to fancy dog collars. If I haven't done it I'll figure out how to do it. You need music that inspires you to keep working. I like to keep busy & love to learn. My midwest roots are important to me. I guess you could say I have multiple skill passions. My inspiration for life is the people around me, my friends who blow my mind everyday. I am lucky to be surrounded by such beauty and I draw my strength from those who also create. I like to repair things that one feels might be gone forever. Giving new life to something takes time and with time I need music...all kinds of music. Every moment of your day can be shaped by what you are hearing. A trip to the grocery store might turn into a life changing event if you hear the right jam.

1. Written by Brendan Hangauer/Sung by Adrianne DeLanda - Far Away 

2. Songs: Ohia - Captain Badass 

3. Grateful Dead - Brown Eyed Woman 

4. The Kinks - This Time Tomorrow 

5. Woods - Shepherd 

6. Uncle Tupelo - New Madrid 

7. Built to Spill - Liar 

8. Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl 

9. Cat Power - I Don't Blame You 

10. Emmylou Harris - Where Will I Be

11. Bright Eyes/Neva Dinova - Spring Cleaning 

Unearthen Episode #12


My inspiration this week are the new Unearthen earrings I designed that have been blowing my mind as of late. I love opals so much! In this playlist there's some inspiration to a few other things I love as well.

1. Rodriguez - I'll Slip Away 

2. Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band - Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles 

3. Sade - Hang On To Your Love 

4. Luke Temple - Hard Working Hand 

5. Albert King - (I Love) Lucy 

6. Donny Hathaway - Jealous Guy (Live at the Bitter End 1971) 

7. Leonard Cohen - Paper Thin Hotel 

8. Elvis Presley - Blue Moon 

9. Alex Cameron - Real Bad Looking 

10. Dennis Wilson - Only With You  

Unearthen Episode #11


My guest this week is writer and painter Lesley Arfin. Like many of my guests, Lesley is a good friend (so maybe I'll stop saying that now every week). When I met her I had heard about this cool girl who was writing really vulnerable, personal pieces as a column for Vice called "Dear Diary". She's then gone on to write on the TV show Girls and create the amazing show Love (on Netflix). She's due to have a baby in October, so her playlist is all for her baby girl.

1. Joubert Singers - Stand On the Word - Larry Levan Mix 

2. Michael Jackson - Off the Wall 

3. Cheap Trick - Southern Girls 

4. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman 

5. Prince - I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man 

6. James Brown - Living in America 

7. Bauhaus - Slice of Life 

8. Heaven 17 - Temptation 

9. The Feminine Complex - Six O'Clock in the Morning 

10. Disco Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes - Get Dancin' 

11. Irma Thomas - Anyone Who Knows What Love Is 

Unearthen Episode #10


My guest this week is Heather Wojner of Bona Drag. She is wiithout a doubt one of the funniest, smartest, most stylish people I have ever met, and I'm so lucky to call her my friend. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out bonadrag.com. She calls this episode "Songs for Crying".

1. Roberta Flack - The First Time Ever I saw Your Face 

2. Patti Smith - We Three 

3. Linda Ronstadt - Long Long Time 

4. The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes 

5. Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water 

6. Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space 

7. Low - The Plan 

8. Low - Violent Past 

9. Beach House - Space Song 

10. Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'un autre été, l'apres-midi

11. Michael Nyman - The Scent of Love

Unearthen Episode #09


I had a music filled week. Between djing a fun friends' show and attending a small festival north of Santa Barbara called Come What May, my inspiration is drawn this week by those two events. 

1. Johnnie Frierson - Have You Been Good To Yourself 

2. Jerry Garcia - When the Hunter Gets Captured By the Game 

3. The Flying Burrito Brothers - Hot Burrito #1 

4. Orange Juice - I Can't Help Myself

5. Lhasa de Sela - El Pajaro

6. Tom Tom Club - L'elephant 

7. Jim James - A New Life 

8. The Cleaners From Venus - Corridor of Dreams 

9. Whispertown - Can't Stop Crying 

10. Jake Bellows - Supercomputer (Demo)

11. John Prine - Pretty Good

Unearthen Episode #08


My guest this week is amazing stylist (and friend) - Djuna Bel! She has great style, ideas, and is always into something interesting and meaningful. She's walking inspiration and motivation, and she's also somehow one of the most laid back people I've ever met. Her inspiration for the playlist is "California Summertime before 11am". I love this time of day in California too, it's the best.

1. Desmond Dekker - Israelites 

2. Rob - Make It Fast, Make It Slow 

3. The Mohawks - The Champ 

4. Phil Cordell - Red Lady 

5. Ike Turner & The Kings of Rhythm - Getting Nasty 

6. Funkadelic - I'll Bet You 

7. Kim Fowley - Bubble Gum 

8. The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt 

9. Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

10. Jacques Dutronc - Les Cactus

11. Harpers Bizarre - Witchi Tai To


Unearthen Episode #07


My inspiration this week is jewelry designer Tina Chow. Her jewelry was some of the first that I saw that used crystals in a really modern and simple way. The word - chic.

1. Gregory Isaacs - Material Man 

2. Gun Outfit - Legends of My Own 

3. Thin Lizzy - Honesty Is No Excuse 

4. Love - Keep On Shining 

5. Blaze Foley - Clay Pigeons 

6. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Helpless 

7. Alessi Brothers - Seabird 

8. The Cry - Alone 

9. The Dream Academy - Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

10. Los Admiradores - Golden Earrings

Unearthen Episode #06


My guest this week is store owner of Collection LA, Elizabeth Parks Kibbey. I have several pairs of jeans and pants from her store, and even though I consider myself very good at finding vintage clothes that fit me - I can never quite conquer the classic jean. Every time I go to Collection LA Elizabeth finds the perfect pair for me and it's truly magic. She has a talent for vintage that is a perfect, focused aesthetic. She has one of the largest and I would say for sure the best denim collection in LA, and other amazing vintage as well. She's been very active politically in the support of feminism, and I can't say enough good things about her. Go visit! Here's her playlist, her inspiration is women, and a simple desire to listen to women and recognize female artists. Couldn't agree more!

1. Joan Baez - Wagoners Lad 

2. Nina Simone - Sinner Man 

3. Patti Smith - Free Money 

4. Heart - Barracuda 

5. Pretenders - Message of Love 

6. Janet Jackson - Control 

7. Hole - Violet 

8. Missy Elliot feat. Da Brat - Sock it to Me 

9. Janelle Monae feat. Solange - Electric Lady 

10. Angel Deradoorian - Beautiful Woman

Unearthen Episode #05


My inspiration for this episode is Alexander Calder. As an American sculptor, he's known as the originator of the mobile, among other incomparable creations. He also made jewelry and it's completely unlike anything else. I love how he uses natural influences like wind for the mobiles and very simple materials to create his pieces.

1. Lindsey Buckingham - To Try for the Sun 

2. Cass McCombs - That's That 

3. Neil Young - Hold on to Your Love 

4. Traveling Wilburys - Handle with Care 

5. Olivia Newton-John - Magic 

6. The Rolling Stones - Coming Down Again 

7. Little Wings - Live to Tell 

8. Big Star - Thank You Friends (Demo) 

9. Cory Hanson - Garden of Delight

10. Hans Zimmer - You're So Cool

Unearthen Episode #04


For this episode, I have my first guest! Samantha Pleet is my guest this week. Samantha designs a clothing line that I love so much. I don't usually buy new clothes, but her collection feels like the perfect piece of vintage that's actually brand new. And the patterns she creates for her fabrics are literally works of art. She also collaborates on beautiful photoshoots and videos each season for her clothing - I love that she uses her clothing as a vehicle to make other forms of art. She started her line in New York in 2006, the same year I started Unearthen! The designer that Samantha chose for this playlist and is most inspired by is Elsa Schiaparelli for her magical surrealist clothing. Here's Samantha's songs!

1. Pascal Rogé - 3 Gymnopedies: No. 1 

2. Nico - These Days 

3. Frankie Rose - Pair of Wings 

4. Hundred Waters - Out Alee 

5. Peter, Paul & Mary - Where Have All the Flowers Gone? 

6. Vagabon - Fear and Force 

7. Solange - Weary 

8. Frankie Cosmos - Outside with the Cuties 

9. Twin Sister - All Around and Away We Go 

10. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood - Summer Wine

Unearthen Episode #03


Welcome to Episode #03. Ruth Asawa is this week's inspiration. She's an original California artist. Her work to me is so authentically intricate and easy at the same time. It's something you could look at and perhaps think - maybe I could have made that! But you can't, and you didn't, and she did.

1. Smog - I Was a Stranger

2. Paul McCartney - One of These Days

3. Chris Isaak - Back on Your Side

4. Bruce Springsteen - the Ties That Bind

5. John Lennon - One Day (At a Time)

6. The Cairo Gang - Shivers

7. Guided By Voices - As We Go Up, We Go Down

8. Diana Ross - My Old Piano

9. The Slits - Instant Hit

10. Sade - The Sweetest Taboo

Unearthen Episode #02


Welcome to Episode #02! This week, my inspiration is Constantin Brâncuși. Born in 1876, his sculpture and studio are incredible - I highly suggest looking at images of both. He created a vast body of sculptural work, built his own phonograph, made most of his own furniture, utensils, and doorways. He had a multitude of interests including mythology, folk tales, traditional, African and Mediterranean art, music, and he played the violin.

1. Labi Siffre - Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying

2. Lou Reed - This Magic Moment

3. Jorge Ben - Cinco Minutos

4. Bob Dylan - The Man in Me

5. Francis Bebey - The Coffee Cola Song

6. Night Shop - Heaven

7. The Modern Lovers - Dance With Me

8. Françoise Hardy - Suzanne

9. Patti Smith Group - Frederick

10. Julee Cruise - The Nightengale

Unearthen Episode #01


Our first episode is made by me, Gia, the designer at Unearthen. I chose Elsa Peretti because I'm inspired by her designs and her life. She was born in 1940 in Florece, Italy, and went to school in Switzerland and Rome. She worked as a Ski instructor, pursued a degree in interior design, and worked as a model. She lived in Spain and finally moved to NY during the Studio 54 days. ‘Elsa Peretti in Bunny Costume’ is a lasting image of the 1970s by Helmut Newton. While modeling in Manhattan, Peretti began creating new jewelry styles for a handful of fashion designers including Giorgio di Sant' Angelo and Halston. She was initially inspired by a silver flower vase she had found at a flea market.

1. Audrey Hepburn & Henry Mancini - Moon River (From "Breakfast At Tiffany's")

2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Breathless

3. Ty Segall - Orange Color Queen

4. Franco Micalizzi - Emelle

5. Hand Habits - Flower Glass

6. Arthur Russell - Your Motion Says

7. Mega Bog - Gone Banana

8. François de Roubaix - Rendez-vous å l'aube

9. Thee Oh Sees - No Spell

10. Mulatu Astatke - Tezeta (Nostalgia)