Unearthen Episode #54

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A beautiful custom Chant ring with diamonds and 14k white gold is the inspiration this week. I love so much to make custom pieces, and I'm forever grateful for special people like you.

1. Eric Burdon & The Animals - Ring Of Fire

2. Steve Miller Band - Motherless Children

3. Mario Viñuela - Pienso, Luego Existes

4. Ludovico Einaudi - Dietro Casa

5. Luc Beauséjour - Concerto In D Minor, BWV 974

6. M Ward - There's A Key

7. Patsy Cline - You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)

8. Perry Como - It's Impossible

9. Hurray For The Riff Raff - Pa'lante

10. Alexandra Stréliski - Changing Winds

11. Sylvan Esso - Come Down

Unearthen Episode #53


The new Sicarii earrings are this week's inspiration. These earrings are a waterfall of tiny polished quartz points and remind me of all things summery. The earrings come in 2" and 3" length and are my favorite new thing!

1. Sopwith Camel - Coke, Suede and Waterbeds

2. Bezinky - Pár Nápadu

3. The Sha La Das - Open My Eyes

4. ASM - Gem

5. Anna Domino - Summer

6. Terry Hall - Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme

7. Erin Rae - Putting On Airs

8. Leon Russell - She Thinks I Don't Care

9. Joni Mitchell - The Hissing Summer Lawns

10. Gabor Szabo - Song Of Injured Love

Unearthen Episode #52


I'm inspired this week by a custom diamond, opal and 14k gold cuff I made for a dear friend of mine. Probably the fanciest piece I have made to date with over 5 carats of recycled diamonds.

1. ABBA - Sitting In The Palm Tree

2. Chet Atkins & Dolly Parton - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind

3. David Bowie - Right (Alternative Gouster Mix) 

4. Ohio Players - Here Today And Gone Tomorrow

5. Bobby Wright - Blood Of An American

6. Cat Power - Wanderer

7. Eric Andersen - (We Were) Foolish Like The Flowers

8. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Chet Atkins & Les Paul

Unearthen Episode #51


This week is inspired by the purples and yellows of a custom Astara Ring I made with amethyst and yellow sapphires.

1. Ronan Keating & Burt Bacharach - Something Big

2. Adam Green & Binki Shapiro - Here I Am

3. Paul Simon - Late In The Evening

4. Todd Rundgren - A Dream Goes On Forever

5. Kacey Musgrave - Oh, What A World

6. Cornelia Murr - Different This Time

7. The Babe Rainbow - Running Back

8. Lola Kirke - Sexy Song

9. Loma - Black Willow

Unearthen Episode #50


I'm still going on the road trip inspiration. It's summer! Time to travel around. Here's some more songs to listen to while on the move.

1. Richard Hawley - Tonight

2. Willie Nelson - All Of Me

3. The Farm Band - Keep Your Head Up High

4. Maggie and Terre Roche - Down The Dream

5. Gillian Welch - I Dream A Highway

6. Bob Dylan - Something There Is About You

7. Bob Dylan - Wedding Song

8. Felt - Destination

9. Eurythmics - Love Is A Stranger

10. Tiny Ruins - Always You, Tiptoeing Through

Unearthen Episode #49


I'm in the beautiful state of New Mexico this week. I drove out from Los Angeles to Taos, and I've had a beautiful and inspiring drive. I've been on a few road trips as of late, and I think they're one of the best ways to listen to music. I can really go into my head when I'm driving, and I love pairing songs with my thoughts and the visuals of new frontiers. Here are a some things I listened to as I drove.

1. Peter, Paul & Mary - 500 Miles 

2. Swamp Dogg - Synthetic World 

3. Billy Joel - Vienna 

4. Fleetwood Mac - Did You Ever Love Me 

5. David Bowie - As The World Falls Down 

6. Wand - I Will Keep You Up  

7. Chris Cohen - Optimist High 

8. Patience & Prudence - Tonight You Belong To Me (Alternative Version) 

9. Mary Lattimore - Baltic Birch

10. Bobby Callender - Going Back (From "The Way") 

Unearthen Episode #48

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Gemini season is upon us! This mix is for you twins.

1. Deuter - Escape From Gravity 

2. The Gun Club - The Breaking Hands   

3. The Three O'Clock - Jet Fighter  

4. Tom Tom Club - You Make Me Rock And Roll  

5. Moondog - Enough About Human Rights 

6. Modern Lovers - A Plea For Tenderness  

7. Van Morrison - Warm Love

8. Lucinda Williams - Sharp Cutting Wings (Song To A Poet) 

9. Judee Sill - Emerald River Dance 

Unearthen Episode #47


It's Mother's Day this week. I'd like to honor all of the different types mothers of the world, including mothers who have lost children, those who have lost mothers, those with strained mother relationships, mothers with strained child relationships, those who have chosen not to be mothers, and those yearning to be mothers. Thinking of you today. Moonstone represents a feminine, nurturing energy, that gently supports and encourages us all to attune to the normal rhythms of the biological forces of ones body.

1. Maximum Joy - Silent Street 

2. Cornelia Murr - Man On My Mind  

3. Phyllis Dillon - You Are Like Heaven To Me  

4. The Only Ones - Someone Who Cares  

5. Nap Eyes - Every Time The Feeling 

6. Mickey & Sylvia - Love Is Strange  

7. Dire Straights - Six Blade Knife

8. Simon Joyner - I Will Not Be Your Fool (The Muse's Song) 

Unearthen Episode #46


The episode this week is inspired by the rainbow blue tones of Labradorite. Unearthen hails Labradorite as the most powerful protector in the mineral kingdom.

1. Marine Girls - Second Sight 

2. Al Kooper - I Forgot To Be Your Lover 

3. Roy Harper - Me And My Woman 

4. Pearls Before Swine - Another Time 

5. Jaye Bartell - Dance With Me 

6. Arthur Russell - What It's Like 

7. The Men - Rose On Top Of The World

8. Destroyer - Tinseltown Swimming In Blood 

9. Laurie Anderson - In Our Sleep

10. Freiheit - Keeping The Dream Alive (Single Version) 

11. Ty Segall - Fanny Dog (Royal) 

Unearthen Episode #45


This week is inspired by an exclusive Bolo Tie I made for Marfa Myths - a music festival by record label Mexican Summer that happens once a year in Marfa, TX. It was so much fun. If you weren't able to make it I suggest it for next year! Each Unearthen x Marfa Myths Bolo Tie has a one of a kind ruby in zoisite stone, and is available exclusively through our Marfa stockist, Freda.

1. Jane Birkin - Harvest Moon

2. Mary Margaret O'Hara - Dear Darling

3. H. Hawkline - Means That Much

4. Lee Hazelwood - Wait And See

5. Elton John - Come Down In Time

6. Ed Askew - Blue Eyed Baby

7. Girl Ray - Don't Go Back At 10

8. Gabor Szabo - Walking On Nails

9. Robert Lester Folsom - April Suzanne

10. Cut Worms - Song Of The Highest Tower

Unearthen Episode #44


This week is inspired by the Dirae Ring with Opal. The color is so transfixing. Nature is the most inspiring thing to me!

1. Bonnie Raitt - I Ain't Blue

2. Lewis Baloue - Bon Voyage

3. Enya - Only Time

4. Dear Nora - Girl From North County

5. Bonny Doon - A Lotta Things

6. Bart Davenport - Euphoria Or Everyone On Earth Is So Beautiful, Even You

7. King Tuff - Thru The Cracks

8. The Miracles - Ain't Nobody Straight In L.A.

9. Vivien Goldman - Same Thing Twice

10. Ernest Ranglin - Everybody's Talking

Unearthen Episode #43


This week is inspired by the Naturale Ring. I love how the raw quartz looks like the most perfect cut but it's natural, and the combination of the raw quartz with faceted diamonds.

1. Joan Armatrading - The Weakness In Me 

2. U.S. Girls - Velvet For Sale 

3. Mariah - Shinzo No Tobira 

4. Jess Williamson - I See The White 

5. Lee Hazelwood - Me And The Wine And The City Lights 

6. Jennifer Castle - Crying Shame 

7. Willie Dunn - I Pity The Country

8. Randy Newman - I'll Be Home 

9. Sade - Flower Of The Universe

Unearthen Episode #42


This week is inspired by new Astara rings. I made 3 custom stone combinations of moonstone, sapphire, and multi colored stones, and they created beautiful new color palettes to choose from.

1. Moondoog - High On A Rocky Ledge 

2. Janis Ian - Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking) 

3. Lou Bond - I'm So In Love With You / Motherless Child 

4. Bruce Hornsby & The Range - Mandolin Rain 

5. Joel Alme - The Way We Used To Beg

6. Barna Howard - Quite A Feelin' 

7. Marlon Williams - I Know A Jeweller 

8. Loudon Wainwright lll - The Man Who Couldn't Cry 

9. Bob Dylan - Boots Of Spanish Leather 

Unearthen Episode #41


This week my inspiration is rose quartz. It's a week that a lot of people have love on their mind, and rose quartz is a stone to inspire, soothe, and attract love.

1. Peter Brandt's Method - What You Are 

2. King Tuff - The Other 

3. Patti Smith - Hymn 

4. Mitch Ryder - Poster 

5. Mitch Ryder - Passion's Wheel

6. Dave Loggins - Please Come To Boston 

7. Nick Waterhouse - Lucky Once 

8. The Lovin' Spoonful - Didn't Want To Have To Do It 

9. Amen Dunes - Mika Dora 

Unearthen Episode #40

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My guest this week is incredible cloak maker Lindsey Thornburg. Her inspiration is gliding into the new year peaceful, potent and slightly nostalgic. To see her incomparable clothing line, visit her website here.

1. Bing & Ruth - Starwood Choker 

2. James Thomas - Demon In The Sea 

3. Bright Eyes - Halig, Halig, a Lie, Halig 

4. Milosh - Remember The Good Things 

5. Radiohead - All I Need

6. Madonna - Angel 

7. Björk - Hyper-Ballad 

8. Talking Heads - Psycho Killer 

9. Patrick Crowley - Surfside Sex 

10. Andy Stott - New Romantic

11. Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond

Unearthen Episode #39


This week I'm continuing last week's "18 Days of New" theme - we're not even halfway through the 18 days! Be sure to check the site everyday here, because each afternoon a new item is added.

1. Olivia Kaplan - Nobody's Talking 

2. The Roches - Hammond Song 

3. Funkadelic - Biological Speculation 

4. Karin Krog - All I Want 

5. Maggie & Terre Roche - Underneath The Moon

6. Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton - You Are Not Needed Now 

7. Jackson C Frank - Spanish Moss 

8. Gary McFarland - Suzanne 

9. Nick Drake - Time Of No Reply 

10. Fruit Bats - You're Too Weird

Unearthen Episode #38


My inspiration this week as we enter the new year is New Beginnings. Amethyst, which we named 'The New Leaf', is a reminder of this time of year. Each day a new piece is added to the 18 Days of New section of the website. Happy New Year!

1. Lou Reed - New Sensations 

2. Alice Coltrane - Govinda Jai Jai 

3. Howard Jones - New Song 

4. Lindsey Buckingham - It Was I 

5. John Lennon - Remember

6. The Troggs - A Different Me 

7. Krishna Das - Mere Gurudev 

8. OCS - The Fool 

9. Helvetia - Hybrid Moments 

10. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - The Sound Of Someone You Love Who's Going Away And It Doesn't Matter

Unearthen Episode #37

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For the holidays, here's a selection of Aquarium Drunkard's Holiday mixes. You can listen to the full playlists on Spotify here and here if you want more! Happy Holidays!

1. Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor 

2. The Wailers - Christmas Spirit?? 

3. Stevie Wonder - Someday At Christmas 

4. Coleman Hawkins - Greensleeves 

5. Rahsaan Roland Kirk - We Free Kings

6. Sun Ra - It's Christmas Time 

7. John Fahey - Three Kings Of Orient Are 

8. Johnny Cash - Blue Christmas 

9. Charles Brown - Merry Christmas Baby 

10. The Black On White Affair - Auld Lang Syne

Unearthen Episode #36


My guest this week is beautiful Eva Rose Garber. She is a writer working on a compilation of personal essays and living in Los Angeles. Her playlist is aptly titled 'A Lament', and her inspiration is lost love. I think it's the best curation of subtle and bold heartbreak songs I have ever heard. From the sweet, to bitter, to bittersweet. I'm honored to share it with you! 

1. Paul Desmond - To Say Goodbye 

2. Dwight Twilley Band - I'm Losing You 

3. Fred Neil - Little Bit Of Rain 

4. Fairport Convention - Close The Door Lightly When You Go 

5. Paul Clayton - Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons 

6. Doris Duke - Ghost Of Myself 

7. The Rolling Stones - No Use In Crying 

8. Pentangle - Once I Had A Sweetheart 

9. Fairport Convention - Sun Shade 

10. Sibylle Baier - The End

11. The Box Tops - Good Morning Dear




Unearthen Episode #35


This week I have a very special guest - Judith Rothman-Pierce. She is the owner, designer and maker of Rusty Cuts - for sure look at her INCREDIBLE stuff here! The first words I said to her when I met her was "I love all of your rings". She has the best style, and these songs that she picked really reflect her. This mix is inspired by Circles, and these are some of her favorite songs. I totally agree - this playlist rules!

1. Iggy Pop - Gold 

2. Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows 

3. Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth 

4. Sisters Of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection 

5. David Bowie - Cat People (Putting Out Fire) 

6. The Rolling Stones - Slave 

7. Electric Light Orchestra - Jungle 

8. Dr. John - Right Place Wrong Time 

9. Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds 

10. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood - Some Velvet Morning