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One Of A Kind Pieces
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Quartz - The Mental Massage


Hand forged 2" x .25" earrings with faceted quartz.

Available in sterling silver.

Quartz is recognized as a stone of power and an all-purpose healing tool.


•Provides clarity in thinking

•Produces the natural energy of harmony or a balanced, solid-state energy field

•Vehicle for reaching and utilizing talents and abilities

•Assists in retaining calmness and clarity

•Helps to interpret messages conveyed during even your most bizarre dreams

All Unearthen styles are one-of-a kind and will vary slightly from the piece pictured. This piece is made-to-order in the Unearthen Studio. Orders usually ship from Los Angeles within two weeks of purchase date but can take up to 6 weeks for delivery.


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IMG_1930 copy.jpg