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Citrine - The Internal Fortress


Hand forged 1.25" x .5" earrings with raw citrine.

Available in gold.

This crystal is the foremost ally to the wearer seeking the manifestation of one’s will, balance, and self-confidence.


•Stimulates mental focus, energy, and the intuitive self. This internal strengthening helps one set proper emotional boundaries

•Lends courage and fortitude to make hard choices or take difficult actions

•Does not accumulate or hold negative energy

•Breaks up energy blockages in the body

•A big bonus: Citrine has been thought to assist in acquiring wealth and maintaining wealth

All Unearthen styles are one-of-a kind and will vary slightly from the piece pictured. This piece is made-to-order in the Unearthen Studio. Orders usually ship from Los Angeles within two weeks of purchase date but can take up to 6 weeks for delivery.


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