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Fragrance Pendulum Necklace


Pendulum measures 2.25" in length with a 24" chain.

Available in silver.

This necklace is a pairing of an amethyst pendulum cut stone specifically chosen for balancing the third eye chakra. A metal cast pendulum screws into the stone. The metal pendulum vial holds a whichever scent you add. Use for personal meditation, calming, and nourishing. A thrice powerful necklace for the bearer.


All Unearthen styles are one-of-a kind and will vary slightly from the piece pictured. This piece is made-to-order in the Unearthen Studio. Orders usually ship from Los Angeles within two weeks of purchase date but can take up to 6 weeks for delivery.


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Additional Info

THIRD EYE CHAKRA:  Middle of forehead above brow.  Governs our intuitive self in spirituality, controls our wisdom, common sense, dreams, and memory retentions.

Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil:  Myrrh - rich, smoky, balsamic.

▶ Unbalanced:  Judgmental, overly intellectual, forgetful, non-sympathetic, dream/sleep issues.
▶ Balanced:  Intelligent, sharp memory, intuitive, clear memory, common sense.